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Amy Aiken
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Meander Wines - Story

I arrived in California from the Midwest to work in plant research and to pursue my Master's Degree at the University of California, Davis. After completing my degree in 1989, I began working at Joseph Phelps Vineyards where I cut my winemaking teeth on the great Cabernets that Phelps produced - "Backus", "Eisele" and of course "Insignia". Working with these incredible wines gave me not only a passion for winemaking, but specifically for Cabernet. After a short time period where I focused on sparkling wine and Pinot Noir I found my way back to Cab while making wine at Oakville Ranch, Viader Vineyards, and Anomaly Vineyards.

In 2000 I decided it was time to allow my passion to be fully realized, to create my own wine from vineyards of my choosing. I named this new baby of mine Meander as a play on words. I love the connotations of the word, but it actually came about as a combination of Mitchell and Andrew, the names of my two sons.

My other “partners” pictured with me here are my faithful Border Terrier, Baci, and my 1958 Morris Minor truck. I found the truck on eBay, and besides some simple maintenance, have kept it as I bought it. The faded paint and stock interior are part of its personality, and I love to drive it through the Napa Valley.