I arrived in California from the Midwest to work in plant research and to pursue my Master’s Degree at the University of California, Davis. After completing my degree in 1989, I began working at Joseph Phelps Vineyards where I cut my winemaking teeth on the great Cabernets that Phelps produced – “Backus”, “Eisele” and of course “Insignia”. Working with these incredible wines gave me not only a passion for winemaking, but specifically for Cabernet.

In 2000, as my boys started spreading their wings, I decided to spread my own. It was time to create my own wine from vineyards of my choosing, and starting Meander was a dream come true. I named this new baby of mine as a play on words. I love the connotations of the word, but the name Meander actually came about as a combination of Mitchell and Andrew, the names of my two sons.

With each vintage I strive to capture the vineyards’ fruit expression in harmony and balance with supple tannins and lasting structure. My wines are powerful yet balanced, approachable yet complex, classic yet personal.